Call for Papers

The conference is soliciting state-of-the-art research papers in the following areas of interest:

3-D and Surface Reconstruction
Adaptive and Clustering Algorithms
Adaptive Filters
Adaptive Signal Processing
Applications in Telecommunications
Array Signal Processing
Channel coding techniques for watermarking
Content-based Image retrieval
Copyright protection
Cyclo-stationary Signal Analysis
Data Mining Techniques
Data hiding
Data hiding and cryptography
Data hiding in special media
Detection and Estimation of Signal Parameters
Digital Signal Processing
Digital multimedia forensics and anti­forensics
Discrete Cosine Transforms
Discrete Hilbert Transforms
Document analysis
Estimation of watermark capacity
Face recognition
Fast Algorithms
Fast Fourier Transforms
Filter Design
Filter Design and Structures
FIR Filters
Forensic watermarking
Fuzzy Logic Applications in Signal Processing
Higher Order Statistical Analysis
IIR Filters
Image acquisition
Image coding and compression
Image processing


Image segmentation

Industrial Applications
Information theoretic, stochastic aspects
Large­scale experimental tests
Mathematical modeling
Medical image processing
Mobile Signal Processing
Motion Detection
Multi-channel Filtering
Multidimensional Signal Processing
Multiple Filtering and Filter Banks
Neural Networks for Signal Processing
New statistical and perceptual models
Noise Control
Nonlinear Signals and Systems
Optical Signal Processing
Optimum watermark detection
Pattern recognition and analysis
Radar Image Processing
Real Time Signal Processing
Reliable recovery
Reversible data hiding
Secret image sharing
Security issues
Signal Identification
Signal Noise Control
Signal Reconstruction
Sonar Image Processing
Spectral Analysis
Statistical Signal Processing
Steganography and steganalysis
Super-resolution imaging
Time-Frequency Signal Analysis
Video Signal Processing
Visual cryptography
Wavelet Transforms